Mail Rules on Appeal, Protesters Beaten

  • Cory Maples, on death row in Alabama, may not even be able to tell somebody about the shameful state of his legal representation during the appeals process. He did not have any attorneys to inform him of the lack of an attorney. Tuesday morning Justices Scalia and Kennedy both took note of the lack of normal justice in Maples case. The local judge assumed Maples would not appeal, even though that meant death. Maples attorneys in New York quit, but the notice got mixed up in the mail. Maples missed a deadline, and therefore his right to appeal. A local attorney was in name only, which provided no legal help to Maples of any kind. Even if in name only, shouldn't there be something that accompanies an attorney's name? A bare sliver of human compassion? Perhaps not.

    It's off to the execution for the convicted double murderer, once a drunk, an addict and mentally unstable. Nobody needs to tell Mr. Maples they can only kill him once. He can rest assured that the position of executioner never fails to be filled when it is time for the job to be done.

    There is no new information nor any real opinion in this reference to the story. The stark lack of defense for Mr. Maple at this stage peaked a morbid interest. Here's a man waiting to die while law school alumni pass in and out of his case with no interest and without doing any work on his behalf. It could be said that Mr. Maples fell through the cracks of the appeals process, which is odd considering there aren't normally any cracks in the appeals process to fall through. At least he gets fed while he waits for his appointment with state sponsored vengeance. It could be worse. He could be the victim of starvation torture while he waits (the bright side).

  • Police began beating people with batons last night. Things began to get ugly after dark. There are two diaries at the Moulitsas Zuniga site to take a look at: Arrests/Kettling and Video of Baton Beatings. Both entries have video. There's nothing like starting the morning off with news of police violence, including video, to remind a person just how nasty law enforcement can become if crossed. It's a good idea to avoid spitting on sidewalks, looking nervous, looking too suave, avoid eye contact, make eye contact, wear sunglasses, and many other things if those things help prevent one from being beaten with baton(s). Some of us hear the word and think of home, so this is great news. PTSD: It's not just for Baton Rouge anymore.

  • Akregator in use for first time since 2009. 150+ feeds to be employed again (sheer tedium putting them all back together - now in day two {I forgot how many tech feeds I had}); cross linked Twitter feed imminent Blahg blah blah - lots of work for only the satisfaction of maybe influencing someone, hopefully teaching someone something. It's what there is that I can do to help change the world for the better.

  • Tor with polipo and vidalia: Just under a meg of language and syntax that means so much. Inevitably someone will say, "What do you have to hide?" The question really should be: Why would it be considered problematic to remain anonymous while visiting places like Facebook and Google? Do we wear nametags everywhere we go in public? Not wearing them is approximately the same thing as using a proxy online. The anonymizing programs work great on this Deutschland Linux operating system as well.

    Spraycan terrorism - so vile!

    Did someone out there think Nazi when they read Deutschland? I couldn't type this fast enough to prevent myself from thinking someone would think it (en bee fore). New association: Proxy = Nazi. It even rhymes. It is totally meaningless, except that it is dictatorial at a level reminiscent of the Nazis to seriously consider banning proxies, a discussion that took place in the US House of Representatives under our 43rd President. [5 A.M. the 6th] [Und vee just vant dem to produce silence nao - no moar demands, just the mt mediocrity of failed problem solving, becuz is less dangerous.]

  • Unpacked this afternoon. Like, ker-azy, cats. Wiped out from lack of sleeping while adjusting to new surroundings. Sharing space with a young lady. She has many ferocious stuffed animals. It was pretty wrecked and now it's as clean and tight as a well oiled machine. The old biomachine needs rack time, tho'. Fading fast... [6 p.m.]

  • I have to say, that is one gorgeous paint job. I label such things to the extreme because early in my political writing career I was lambasted for supporting graffiti, and graffiti artists in some cases. A few people at Daily Kos handed me my ass on a platter for saying that graffiti can improve the value of a property and that it's over sensationalized as a crime. From their reactions one might have thought I referred to Christianity as "that hoax" and boasted of definitive proof of Jesus' homosexual promiscuity (crosses self).

    I could do stupider things. I could promote this website to high school girls in person, but I don't really like the idea of dying from an extended swirly because I forgot about the sexual content and some dad got the wrong idea. That might be bad.

  • And now, her (one of those Suicide Girls):
    "Ultra sonic sound comin' out your speaker."

  • The crowd chants, "Maiden! Maiden!" Chico begins to think he made a big mistake. He can still taste the cabinet below the kitchen sink. A feeling of love attempted to spread throughout his midsection, but the intro to "Two Minutes to Midnight" hits the auditorium with such a fearsome roar the feeling turns first to nausea and then an overwhelming urge to touch people, hard.

    Chico starts a mosh pit during one of the technical solos. People in the immediate vicinity are embarrassed for him and others want him gone. He flings one of his elbows just a little too far and a 52 year old heavy metal fan knocks him clean-the-fuck-out. It turns out ecstasy is no defense against somebody who really knows how to throw a punch. Chico wakes up a few minutes later in the dumpster outside. The good news was that he was still rolling. The bad news was only getting started...
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