Author Disappears

I put every project on hold back in August. I broke that little rule, like all my other little rules, and I'll write a lot more shortly. It's just that I consider this part of the year the pits. Summer just won't give up, and here in the deep south it owns the world. Plus, "I'm living in a maximum security twilight home... No phone. No phone." It keeps breaking, then the new one breaks, etc. Also, I had two very similar and severe accidents in September already, and they don't make enough pain pills to stop my kind of pain.

When cool weather strikes everything will be different. Number one, I will no longer be living in the deep south. Number two, well, maybe I don't need a number two. I will miss LSU. It's the best part of Baton Rouge. Beautiful young women, a world class athletic department and a library I'm not allowed to live in.


A major report from the University of Michigan and backed by Microsoft determined that two major phone service carriers are using huge amounts of your bandwidth and battery life to investigate your communications. Deep packet inspection takes place regularly. You have no privacy because of some fanatics with razor blades ten years ago. Slow transmissions, degraded battery life, poor connections, all these things are a result of telcoms spying on customers. It has not stopped. You're still getting screwed.
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