Warm Song

This song is called Whoa Kin 2 Mucher Itty. I just performed and put the finishing touches on it last night. The guitar, bass riffs and lines, and synth track, are deamped to subharmonic levels. I'll release the originals on that *see bottom. In-the-room electric sound didn't go with the lyrics. Available for listening from the source right now. The archive also converts the file to all media player formats, at some indeterminate rate.

Text link:

If anybody happens upon a still functional Internet in a country with electricity in the distant future and reads this, and by some chance ever manages to hear this song, you should know that there is no way you can make fun of it first. I beat you to it. I eviscerated it, as per my usual routine. You can do your worst, but you'll be on a path I cleared for you.

On the instrumental and synthesizer mix- I mixed and rendered every track up the ladder to the lyrics. I did not play and sing as I did with Burnt Paper (which I never recorded, but will attempt again if destiny permits). I used a microphone pickup on the instrumentals, as my amp needs a new plug. Making it usable was a feat, and future music will have much better audio qualities. It's only 45 seconds long. I'll rebuild the synthesizer and guitar effects portion tonight. It's a lot denser than the naked ear can hear. The riff. Guitar effects. More background sound.
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