Not an Ah Low

This painting strongly brings to mind the feel of the Art Nouveau generation, as evidenced by architecture and items from abroad and from that time period. This work may not be Pablo Picasso's, but it has the distinct feel of the passion he exhibited in his work. Likewise, it conjures the summary opposite of the cubist work of legends like Juan Gris and Georges Bracque. This image exudes the beauty of great artistry, regardless of the date of origin or the creator, and those facts are impossible to deduce without more information.

Moving forward: I rescued a Robin Masterman painting from Vermont Street. It is a work of pure genius, even though the Star of David has been emblazoned on it (that's an odd place for it [thoughts click into place]). "If I ever find the one who mocked the caged bird separated from its loved ones, then I will plunge myself dangerously into the breach from whence the knowledge came."

My long collage, reminiscent of a narrow train track in its layout, and my latest in visual production, needed support from the softer side of life. As I go along I've been layering out the copyrighted features of the models involved. When I got to the top layer I carefully placed pictures of men in ascent. One of them is half nude, the others would look great in the buff to some woman or another. Only an insecure man would forever produce, in the genre of multimedia, pieces that only other men could enjoy. I don't sell my artistic works. In addition to all the pieces of abstract art I've done, which have no value except that I created them, I have produced the visual equivalent of poetry for someone who can't read -- pictures of men over pictures of women. It remains incomplete, as of right now, and won't be until no photographer can stake a claim to any part of it.
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