I love communicating with people, but the posting here will very shortly be nothing but pictures and quips. The Internet is a very real distraction and hindrance to artistic production when it comes to audio and involved prose. As such there won't be much communication coming from me for some time.

I have shut off the back end of the house, and the former living room will now be the music studio. Have begun the process of moving all audio equipment into the new room, and will be lining the walls with mattresses and packing cushions to aid in the recording process. My novel will be in production concurrently with the album, and so I'm going to be very busy.

None of the music will be released until the finished product is complete in its entirety. I have not yet decided whether to release the novel's first four chapters when they are finished and progress in a serial fashion, or to release it in its entirety like the music. That's all empty planning until the material becomes available anyway.

I won't be leaving the house much. Nobody will find me at a coffee house or anywhere else, at least until the album is finished. There's no money to spend on the pursuit of companionship anyway, and so that's something that will just have to wait. I may be somewhat lonely, but a relationship won't help me get ahead in life. Furthering my artistic career will, or it will kill me.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate the moral support I feel when I meet people who have taken an interest in my progress. It means more than I can express.

Blessed be.
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