Saved by Hero

Backwards from -1 starts with zero, then 1...

Death by Vanity: The mirror killed every human's dreams in the United States. Delta Tri Epsilon, today, innocent of all but normalcy, greedy men as guilty as children: Love for the ownership society founded on human suffering died. That places human suffering far behind consideration of the self, which exemplifies the vilest of egocentrism. Ain't ONE grand? Or can children be guilty of rushing headlong into judgments?

The game: I hunt that. All trophy prizes remains unclaimed. Gelded and shorn of antlers, turned out as a hare, always still a Lion at heart. I tire of empty legal judgments.

Also, have a nice day. America loves YOU. Fuzzies are awesome. "... can speak and build a fire." - H. Beam Piper [Sometimes intelligent squirrels have pow-wows.]

[You can call me a nazi, a communist, an insurrectionist, an aristocrat, a self-resurrecting monarchist, but that won't make it true. Casting money and property aside was the only way I could be free of all trivial concerns. I proved to be guilty of being the very largest monster of all, a man who never considered himself worth anything. I took almost an eternity to forgive myself for other things, but have yet to get over that. My words become absolutely true beneath my own inspection.]
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