A Saturday in 2012

Having a hard time working up the nerve to change header image. It's tough to just discard it. Spent like no time on this 5cm image, a minute or two getting it and getting it into png. That doesn't rep it well to head the site like the hours and hours spent on the current header image.


Take this, lawsuit happy association Internet goons: File sharing is now an official religion. It's currently only recognized in Sweden, but practitioners are everywhere. We don't want peyote, just to share knowledge. Can't wait until this gets to SCotUS so Bush appointees can empty the bile pouches in their throats against it. You have to sing hymns, you poor bastards. We sing Rush (well, at times). *__*


"We weren't really sure what viruses were, or how to cripple Norton and Symantec, but then we got this stolen source code." Source code for the corporations anti-virus software was stolen this week. Symantec was so all over security they found out someone got root when their code was released, not because they detected it. Thank goodness for them Sec exploits didn't happen without a release. "Credit cards or it didn't happen" did not apply in this case, but you Windows users who pay hefty fees for Norton should be sweating balls over this.


Anonymous: "This attention is relevant to my interests. Can be famous tiem nao?" Online hactivists look around and realize they have the world's attention. Suddenly the movement as they envisioned it is a huge success. Some just don't know what to do with themselves, don't see the massive amount of danger and work involved and ahead. Criminal genius (pfft) of the morning: jargon7.

Current leaks:

Leak: http://pastebay.com/265865

Hydrogen software
Leak: http://pastebay.com/265867

Live Out Doors
Leak: http://pastebay.com/265868

City Vibe
Leak: http://pastebay.com/265869
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