Depth of Winter 2: Nyet, Tovarische

Even as the joyful, uplifted smiles of the brainwashed Republican youth turn to confused grimaces and pouts of imminent political constipation, the old guard grit their teeth and prepare to bombard everything in the nation not approved by Fox News with hatred and venom. The Iowa caucus voting, decided by only eight votes, shows billions of dollars really can buy an election, almost. Just imagine if Rick Santorum hadn't had toilet paper stuck between his teeth, the product of wiping away two years of "discussion." The biggest tragedy of the Republican nomination process has got to be that Ron Paul managed to look very attractive as a candidate next to the rest of the field. Yep, Mitt Romney should just relax, everybody loves him; he's a shoe in. Demand to have Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal speak on behalf of the GOP and surviving candidates will likely ramp up. "Can we get Governor Jindal to speak? Nobody cares how he looks. Let him take the hit again. That's been working great so far"


Kurt Havelock completely dropped the ball during final exams for Batshit Insane Manifesto Distribution 101. Due to his failure to target specific individuals instead of just corporations alongside his threats to blow up every airplane that "looked at him wrong," charges against him have been dropped. Justice has been miscarried! Or has it...

This is a victory for the NDAA. The indefinite detention law will apply to someone. It's just a matter of time before Havelock releases the manifesto's second draft. Doing away with guaranteed protections of the law for United States citizens was a good idea after all. We can either have habeas corpus or we can have safety. That's the bottom line. Just ask NDAA supporters. Meanwhile, Havelock fans have a message for their guy: "Don't give up! We know you can prove you're dangerously crazy!"


Hana Beshara received a sentence of two years in prison for making pirated movies and television shows available for download. Evidently she never read any of those disclaimers from tracker sites that say "no content is hosted on our servers." Ninja Video's Queen Phara went the extra distance for users of her service and hosted everything. Authorities may have become suspicious because of the website's giant logo that read "Stolen Stuff Here."

Wait... oh no! Terms of her sentencing says she can't have any computers at her residence. Well, the choice is clear. Beshara can't stay at my place when she gets out; the computers are staying.

Warning: The following game has hentai sex scenes featuring handicapped, crippled people. Also, this post was so not fair. The game is brimming with sensitivity. If the players who keep falling in love with the characters are any measure, the game is overly sensitive. Biggest complaint heard so far: Can't play more than once, feels like cheating on the character from the first run through. That's why I say the game makes them basket cases.

Do you have no life? Katawa Shoujo! Do you have a life and want to get rid of it? Katawa Shoujo! Extra brain cells? Missing socks? Racing thoughts and voices in your head? Katawa Shoujo! Katawa Shoujo! Katawa Shoujo!

[Note: Author would not play the game for any amount of money, just gets a good laugh when people's lives are ruined. Don't tell anyone the game turns normal people into basket cases. It's a secret.]
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