Hasta la Victoria Siempre

More sounds.

I always write stream of consciousness. Very often I touch on subjects too briefly (poetry messed me up, main). Sometimes readers are left with the wrong ideas. Once I've posted it's too late to take it back. For example, I preempted character attacks by spilling the beans on everything in my life that could be damaging (politics gets nasty). I did not spend the time on it I should have.

I also said I gave up music, and that's not true. I've always loved music. I did not abandon music for any years, although I did not make any for a long time. When I grew three feet in two years my fingers never worked right again, a coordination problem. Not being able to play strings again really did break my heart. So I just listened to everything I could get my hands on instead.

I've been trying to get a production level system like the one I have now since 1994. Being able to make music has been a long time coming for me. ((Now if I could just sing...)) Now I can sing and play an instrument, finally (apparently needed to get beaten up by a girl for it to come out), and everything to record with is FUBAR. *__*
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