out on the edge all alone.
It takes hours
To reach the next city.
The television fools people
Just like it fooled me.
It made me think
That there could be something real,
But that was just an illusion.
On television people work to be happy.
There’s even a show about the real world,
But in the real world people are slaves.
Work owns them.
ran screaming into the street.
want a million dollars
live like a television illusion.
A little sleep
Under forced sedation
Get things back in perspective.
Now cower in the kennel
The way a dog should.
feel the touch of insanity
that makes one think they could be someone,
Then choke it back.
or don’t
The force of economic order
Will demonstrate dominance over everyone again.
fear that
keep a missing mouth shut.
drink into liver failure or live
Complete inability to digest
fevers and sweats
Then stay awake
hallucinate freedom
Life looks so good on a video screen, but
Life hurts.
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