Roll Call of the Lesser Devils 111

The Real Thing

Life is a fabric of pain
A veil woven before your eyes.
It causes confusion to grip thought,
Blinds reason.

The city is like a forest of atrocities.
Can’t you feel it gnawing at your stomach?

As the fog grows thicker
Stress tightens the muscles of your pumping heart,
Squeezes you.
Can’t you?

Feel the claws of feigned emotion
Choke off your dreams of love.

Problems scratch away at the skin in your mind
Abrasively draw
the blood you’ve defined as expression.

The world has thrown you into a box,
It is airtight, suffocating you.
You can no longer breathe,
Or can’t you?

Don’t you see?
It is possible to be free
But only if you recognize
That to think you have joined the rat race
Is to make yourself a caged rat.
Redefine your life.
Reverse your standard thinking.
Think in terms
That cancel old stereotypes
Breakdown the negativity.
The old labels won't apply,
For you aren't caged, and neither am I,
And neither are the millions
Of hard working people of the world.

Breathe the morning air
In and out of your lungs.

Once again you feel young
When you bathe in the glow
Of a truer existence.

Wash yourself in the stream of fresh, new meaning,
Meaning behind life in the fullest sense.

Let yourself flow with the current of wellness.
Let go of the veil of hatred and pain.
Open your eyes.
Look up to the sky
And the clouds.
See the world.
It liberates you,
The natural world,
The real thing.

[I swear I didn't plan this as a rebuttal to the poem that follows. Sometimes strange things happen. If it's just my subconscious mind, then I have one hell of a subconscious mind. Coincidences can be staggering at times. The astronomical odds against some things that just happen, constantly, make it beyond clear that there are forces at play in reality so far beyond what we know as to make our mathematics and science look primitive, at best.]
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