The Strike


Incest uncovered
In violent political unrest?
Come again?
Once already never enough
A narration of political history
Lacking in innovation
Save for once every couple of decades
Ideas of self and self expression,
An articulate image of justice,
A dream in the sense of social mobility
And rule by law,
Crushed by the Nightmare Right
That strucktur that despises nonconformity
Words without limits
Ideas without boundaries
Members of the “open ended”
Lie shamelessly while attributing those to their victims
Another oligarchy with no conscience
Certain only that while the people will suffer
They will not.
They laugh like hyenas and scavenge like jackals
Roaming the land of dreams for meat
Or at least the land where imagination becomes unlimited
Tearing flesh from the bones
In triple layered codes of object class wrapper
Until the phone rings
And some guy made a movie
But it doesn't tell the story of what really happened
Like The Lion Sleeps Tonight or Tetris
Or Doom which was stolen from hell itself
Those fallen attempting to scale the inside of the jar
Had one brief moment of clarity
Before their minds shorted out
Food now for the insects
Job security for insecticides
The Law exists only to control the lower ranks.

There are just so many opportunities to make it.
It's so easy to become wealthy
In the land of the free
All our people must be lazy
Because all our people are poor

What could we be thinking?
The dream has mostly been a dream
While in the fields people still toil
Under the whip of slavery
Now called an industry
A fine weathered prison industry
Centuries old.

[[[I'm writing as fast as I can]]]
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