It's hard to keep up
There's been so much destruction
So many distractions
People sprawling on the floor
To keep from getting shot.

What do they have,
Those who have the guns,
That we do not?

They have a badge
Somebody gave them
While in our neighborhoods
We begged for enough money to eat
Because there were no jobs.

Now there is no city
We are down to the nitty gritty
Want to get out?
Huh? Do ya? Do ya?
It's been so long since you saw a gap in the wall
A tiny crack under the door
A tear dripping from the face of a crack whore
Something sensitive
Something that's real
Something that won't fail when you grab the rope
The lanyard
The raft
To jump the fence
To climb tall trees
What about my hands?
What should I do with these?

Is there truthfully a way out?
It could be just another fucked up joke
Down here where people have been laughing
and laughing, and you can't even buy the herb they smoke
That's funny
That friends are such good friends they won't even share the ends
Not a penny, not a nickel not a dime
It's what I expect all the time
Nobody cares about this man or his family
Or his life or his history
because in America it's all about power.

And while I have many words
The hand has struck the hour
There's no strength left in me so I cower
I don't know what to do
I will put my entire life into a single second
Rip it into shreds and put it back together
It's all I can gather
That maybe I would rather be free
Than stuck in some loser's history full of misery
When that miserable fluid flows
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