Partially Written

The phrase "partially written" could apply to a huge number of things I started in the past.  In this case it refers to a new book I am working on.  Book One is written, although I am still editing.  The novel is likely to be 15 times longer than Book One. 

None of this new novel will be posted, unless all of it gets posted.  I have yet to decide whether or not to sell it.  I am 64 pages into it, however.  Finishing the work seems a lot more important than the title, or what to do when it's finished.

A friend is also helping me understand a more modern approach to presentation of content. It's my hope to have a new website up and running by the time the novel is finished.  Between now and then I am releasing music, to make it clear I haven't stopped being an artist.  Death is probably the only thing that could stop me.
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