The resident writer and musician survived another of nature's assassination attempts.  One can expect a few problems when having epidural abscesses, meningitis and endocarditis at once, and this case fits that bill.  At this point my arms can't be picked up above chest level, and moving them hurts, to go with the mind numbing back pain and sciatica that was already in effect. Not to mention the new thing I discovered spondylolisthesis has to offer, which is dropped foot (ojoy).  But I am still alive, and so is this site.

There won't be any new music for quite some time.  The resources all evaporated in the face of physical adversity.  Until I breathe no more, however, there will always be a plan for new creations to be brought forth again.

The blog will be devoted solely to writing until such time as I can set up music production again.  This is a good thing.  I owe the world a good novel, or, well, a novel that I feel is worthy of the world.  Of the novels I have written so far, none of them fit that bill in my opinion.  It is very nearly time for me to put one of those out, however, and so expect that.

I remain your devoted observer and fan, oh you people of the world.  Nothing fascinates me more than humans and human culture.  While I may have taken several steps closer to death, and become even more of a junkie than I was before (if that's possible), that does not change my admiration for the insanity and majesty that is homo sapiens.  Carry on, carry on.
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