Understand Zees

Have returned from months in the hospital.  Will not elaborate at this moment.  Much of it was near death.

129 pages into writing a book that will hopefully quiet current fears of minute accomplishment.  Within, speculative fiction runs rampant, and offensive sexuality is kept to a bare minimum.  The work of literature serves to address this author's long and deep relationship with God.  These words can only be said while one yet lives...

Perhaps at some point loving God and still channeling through heavy darkness will be explained here.  Despite loathing all aspects of ugly and wrong, beautiful jut isn't the same without it, so it has been displayed once and again here (maybe too often).  Should life continue long enough it would be a tremendous wonder to present numerous pondered matters from the viewpoint of light and goodness that never leaves the heart of the consecrated.

Be good.  Be good at it, at it all.  Prosper and cultivate wellness.  Peace be unto you, and blessed be.

- Day

P.S.  As to the title:  Unless somebody has followed this blog on one of these days when I do a live writing session they could never entirely understand how the mess of words gets left behind.  "It reads all crazy like."  Could somebody explain how to understand the mess of garbage left behind by our financial system during one of their "creative" sessions?  It really looks like massive wealth confiscation for the wealthy, to some of us.  Thoughts and ideas being fired out at high speed for artistic sake surely has hurt few.  The same could not be said of hunger and poverty.
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