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Get Bent

The posting of the A Side of "Get Bent" was a gigantic mistake. As I work on a project I usually save various notably distinctive versions of the song as it progresses. Currently there are five versions of side one of Get Bent. The most recent version is almost always the best version availble. What was posted here was neither the latest version, nor one with any saving graces. This is especially true with regard to song one (the first ten minutes of the album).

What got posted was a version that was the product of debauchery late at night. Listening to song one was very enjoyable at the time. Then, last night, I listened to it sober. That experience was mortifying.

The repetitive, uninspired nine minutes of "music" are like moldy chunks of hardened cheez whiz strings on a table with beluga caviar and the finest brie set out as teasing apertifs. I became nearly physically ill as the canned, droning beeps and boops went on for long minutes. The sound conjured a vision of a dying doe, riddled with bulles though none of them fatal, as it dragged its useless hind legs through the undergrowth. But there was no way to put the song out of its misery. I am sharing accomodations with a Luddite who really believes that the Internet is the work of the devil.

So here I am at a public computer, embarrassed and humiliated that the ~24 minutes of music I just released were tarnished to the extreme by my lack of attention to detail. Repetitiveness in electronic music is something I hate almost as much as I hate the smell of curdled milk. At least I sugar coated this critique of Letroxulae rather than discussing its shortcomings in detail.

Somebody told me "it's not that bad."  That phrase never reassures anyone.  It would be more honest to offer a phone number to a crisis intervention hotline.   All options for correcting Letroxulae are on the table, including euthanasia and self-immolation.

Meh, fuck it.  I'll fix it tomorrow.  Also, this post was not edited.
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