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To celebrate the completion of my hundredth song I will be posting them all on Twitter, @lesserdevil.  Spamming is not cool, so "whitnall lesserdevil" songs will be interspersed between tracks released by record labels.  With the help of a scheduler it should only take a couple of days.

Curiously, there are tracks on Archive that bear my name but which I can not edit, and I have only had one account there in my since its origin.  Most of them have little or no sound.  At the time, Archive and *nix machines did not always function splendidly together.  My best guess as to their origin is that compatibility problem.  It bugs me that I can't get my name off of them, so I will very likely file a complaint with the staff of

The later Romantics were heavily characterized by a fear of minute accomplishment, a point even Byron made once or twice, if not in so many words.  My contribution to the arts can still make me feel small and unnoticeable, despite a lifetime spent in pursuit of truth and beauty.  This is the best I can do at the moment to dispel such melancholia and replace it with joie de vivre.

When I started producing work under the umbrella of Lesserdevil Publishing the species of manta ray bearing that name had not yet been discovered.  It's a glorious thing that my work is in a small way linked to such a beautiful creature; beautiful and dangerous.  Humanity could be described in much the same way.  The name meant little to me before then, just something that would pop on a search engine and stir thought.  Life is amazing.
*Post will likely be updated before the tweet-a-thon is finished.
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