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A Fine Piece of Work-- Absolutely SICK:

Another arrest comment:
I just got hold of the Higio Ochoa PasteBin link. This letter makes me feel better. I never participate in any attacks. I just listen while people type. They are slowly being outed from Anonymous, aren't they?

Only 1/900th of the samples prepared in the past week were used. Gotta try harder to prevent effort from being wasted-- make more tracks, use more sound. Urg. Hit cave wall with stick. Meurzik!

Oh, the update:
Later in this post it's mentioned that the people arrested by the FBI and named as LulzSec do not match some info from the past. Here's the main point, which was not elaborated on earlier. After the 4Chan DDoS there was a revenge hack against LulzSec. One steroidal hacker claimed to have penetrated a LulzSec computer, and had the payload to prove it. It was not a Mac. LulzSec was running FreeBSD. It stuck out fairly prominently as an event. Maybe Monsegur or Hammond changed computers or operating systems, but LulzSec was dead-bang in the crosshairs and it was a FreeBSD system that got nailed. Some of the facts don't jibe with what has happened over the years. The info is old, because your author stopped spending time in IRC with these guys...

When LulzXmas came out the first association that sprang to mind was not LulzSec. Lulz is not a trademark. It's a figure of speech. It's not a gang. It means "huge bummer." The StratFor hack did indeed seem like a huge bummer, but LulzSec made a big name for targeting pedophiles, not high profile credit card number theft. Previous actions do not match that exploit. It seemed like somebody attaching lulz to their hack as a descriptor, not as an affiliation indicator.

Anyone with a shred of intelligence would, of course, defer to the Federal Bureau of Investigations when it comes to intel. They know more about everything than mere mortals could hope to. I certainly don't pretend to know more. However, if LulzSec actual was not the person responsible for StratFor, wouldn't they be laughing their ass off right now? It would mean LulzSec just got a "get out of jail free card" because of these arrests. They could let the name LulzSec die and start fresh, de facto exonerated by a law enforcement media success.

moving on

ETA on Muzik: Friday morning? Nope. Still setting up the 3000 drums and cymbals. Really. It's almost too much to work with. Almost.

The Math: Did the math on lifetime audio sample creation. It's not very high. Less than 90,000, more than 65,000. Ever since Genesis lost the TG and PsychicTV samples collection in the Hearst Mansion there's been a simplistic running tally here. Lost close to 40,000 from hardware failure, more than once come to think of it. Lately it seems good to sort of keep a lid on details, because caution doesn't hurt anything. This talk comes out of having prepped 3000 samples today for placement into fonts. [was so wrong about how much there is, maybe it'll be finished before spring ends]

The Dumbening: At least once in the past month "VST" was used when "DAW" was meant to be used. Something didn't seem right about that. The old memory never did kick in until "DAW" slapped me in the face on a forum. Derr-urr-urr-erp.

Gotta love the Seven Samurai musician shoop (moved to "comments"). It fits well with the current trend of the site [am up to 10 soundfonts as of 3/20]. The pic is from the new 4scrape, as is so often the case.

Sure would be nice to acquire a new profile picture, maybe one with a bandanna instead of a cap. That'd be so very different. Also, with funny nose glasses.

LulzSec posted. The threat of loss of freedom was quite obviously taken very seriously. Although the removal of the Kony post already indicated everybody's fave 1337 haxxor wasn't in shackles, it's good to see verbosity back to normal levels. Someone said the square shows up differently on some proprietary browsers. Who cares? Linux-FreeBSD forever - FTW. Note:
As for lulzsec coming back, we would like to remind the world that the known 6 people from lulzsec have been arrested and facing charges as well as the claimed leader becoming a FBI informant.
That is news to me. That was not my understanding at all. How many groups are those six guys supposed to have been in at the same time? Sabu's big mouth only hit the scene fairly recently. The events surrounding the Lulzsec DDoS against 4Chan predates Sabu, the Herp Derp Six, sgnificantly, but whatever...

-A few other things will go nicely here. -

Still building soundfonts. Up to five complete, with six more file sets prepped and ready for conversion to sf2. It's the most boring thing in the world or it would be finished. Should write a macro to do it. Seriously... (twiddles thumbs)

Holding off on new songs until at least a dozen sf2's are sitting open in LMMS. Did complete the entire background/atmo for one earlier today, or at least one layer of it. Stopped converting samples from stereo to mono and began harvesting voice licks from random audio for the second third of the LP; love that stuff. About to go back to that.

Tore a rotator cuff tendon on St. Patty's or severely sprained it. It hurts like hell to use a computer, but that's nothing new. Application for a new human body is taking an eternity to go through.

-- expect more non-news as time goes on --
the triviality is deafening, so how about some REAL music?
Bubble Pop - an instant classic. There's a flame war in the comments there. Who knew hot Asian chicks singing and dancing could cause controversy?

Aw, she so horny. Aw, aw, she so horny. She love you long time.
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