Scripting Nautilus [Update]

Payload on Nautilus scripting from Paul Ferrill via Scott Ruecker:

Environment variable
paths for selected files (only if
::Newline-delimited URIs for selected
::The current
::The position and size of the
current window
In Python, you obtain the value of these variables with a single call to
the os.environ.get function as follows:

selected = os.environ.get

This call returns a string with paths to all the selected files
delimited with the newline character. Python makes it easy to turn [snip]
into an iterable list with the following line:

targets = selected.splitlines()

Here's the link to this valuable Gnome tool. Of course I'm not a big fan of Gnome. I like the code better. Gnome is ghastly to anyone with insight into operating systems.

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