Saturday Stratfor, Today Special Forces, a supplier of police and paramilitary supplies and equipment, labeled itself as hacker proof. Their customer database has been hacked by the same people who hit Stratfor [The Strategic F. Hack "Data Breach Now Affects More than ¾ Million people: 859,311 Email Addresses, 68,063 Credit Card Numbers, 50,618 Addresses, and 50,569 Phone Numbers" - IdentityFinder ].

Here's the release. The credit card numbers of the customers there were encrypted, unlike at Stratfor, but were decoded after the group owned the server. I personally snatched this scrolling by in real-time at Pastebin. A few minutes later it got released everywhere, so it doesn't make much difference I just happened to see it scrolling by. There's not much more to tell.


AnonNews took swipes at destructivesec, but destructivesec got a greetz in a 5k Barnes and Noble gift card hack giveaway. Dude must have some legitimacy in their little community. Wonder if they kept it to 5k thinking it wouldn't be big enough to generate a major investigation though. If so, oops, it went big after getting posted.
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