A Somewat Normal Title

A Bittersweet Life - Easily the most pointless bit of underworld tinged violence to come out of Korea in the past few years. The main character has no likable attributes, except that the female audience may find the actor attractive. Even suspending disbelief doesn't serve to make the movie's action remotely credible. It was not an unenjoyable film, but it failed to provoke any deep thought at all. The action sequences weren't executed well enough to salvage any good comments about.

The best that can be said is that the design crew saved this piece of cinema from utter mediocrity. Some of the sets were very attractive and set a handsome tone for bloodshed and gun play. If it weren't for the photography and attention to surroundings A Bittersweet Life would be a complete waste of time. It has a big following though, and a lot of fans who would disagree strongly with this negative review.


Nein Emerging
- I went back to music, or something a lot like it. Plan to upload eventually. It is in fact called Nein Emerging. Have not abandoned "Blood Red Mist," just giving it a major rethink. Writing about a broken family disintegrated my motivation for the work; dark fantasy rears its hideous brain filled appendage once again.
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