Joi de Vivre: A Notice and a Disclaimer

Oh for the simple era of political commentary and 4-500 tweets a day, when my time and money were longer than the days...


7:00 A.M. January 1, 2010:

Day: We're gonna need more guns, bombs.
5link33: I thought we were completely non-violent now.
Day: Oh, we're not going to use them.
5link33: Are you drunk again?
Day: They're for the Minutemen. If we can funnel them enough armaments --
5link33: I don't like that.
Day: -- they'll start a war with Mexico.
5link33: I thought we agreed you wouldn't try to talk to me when you're drunk.
Day: Once the price of weed goes up, we reap converts from among the people who have to quit.
5link33: This is why we broke up.
Day: I'm not drunk. I'm more sober than I've ever been.
5link33: Oh, God, why did I give you my new number?
Day: I want you so bad.
5link33: Don't call me until you're not crazy anymore.

- Names and places here are not necessarily based on real life. Some of the written material is fiction. Some proper place names reflect futuristic and fantasy views of those places. -


Instead of deleting comments, old material is moved to an entry called "Comments," nearly at the beginning of the site (the date of that entry is 2008-08-01). That's also instead of having comments from the random factor of the general public. This is not a campaign to be the next person who gives you hope until taking office. This is not an attempt to get your money. These are just excerpts from the mind of a writer and a musician.
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