While the rest of the LSU faithful were traveling to the Tennessee game and back I traveled back home to Tiger country. Now that the weekend is over I'm about to head back to the land of the Volunteers. While here I went through a lot of material, audio, written, video. I hadn't been able to do the fun thing in a long time. Inevitably I go too far, and so I stopped listing before I got to the hardcore Asian cinema (the good stuff, for the totally jaded). That will come up another time. This is just some of it. Here it is:

Japanther, Defiance Ohio, Trainwreck Riders, nonsenose (whaaa?), Turnout (Cockney fux need subtitles tho'), My Little Pony (so you can all get cancer and then give it to everyone else - I wouldn't watch it for a case of yellow cake, a truckload of C4 and a detonator, well, maybe for that), DJ Zo and Dumbfoundead, Why aren't you at OccupyWallSt protest right now? (I've got a cold, my iPod is broken, wifi in the park is bottlenecked, summer ended, the dog ate my "I Give A Fuck" badge, there's no money in it [that we can talk about], it's hipper to write about OWS than be there, dude, it's outside, and, also, there is no Occupy Small Town [I already regret writing that, but it was going around, albeit not entirely spoken, in a massive fashion last week]), keaton henson - you don't know how lucky you are, Last Life in the Universe - a movie with Tadanobu Asano (he played Kakihara, {enuff Kakihara to strangle a mofo} the stand-in boss who made "Icchi" as great as it was); this movie is too deep to relate, he plays a guy who lives, has a relationship. and finally, awesome for Ubuntu desktop.

Can contain it no longer: The Yellow Sea has mind boggling action. Asian cinema at its very best. Just a top notch wrecking ball driven storyline.
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