The Cinema of Hayao Miyazaki

A new book by Jeremy Mark Robinson details the life of the legendary Japanese filmmaker and artist. This in depth book examines every single movie independently. The first edition is 496 pages and comes from Crescent Moon publishing. 'Nuff said.

More News:
Minnesota protesters dropped glitter all over an anti-gay equality booth at the Minnesota State Fair. The people on a ski lift over the anti-gay booth wanted to know where their booth was. All of the homo haters were attractively dusted in colored metallic powder so that their non-fabulous attitudes were offset by pretty colors. They were not happy about that, however, and called the glitter attackers "barbarians." Presumably the attackers hid in the bushes and trees when they got off the ski lift, while angry people who already didn't like them searched for them to kick their teeth in. Wow. Sorry I missed that.

Happy Labor Day! Extra cable television marathons, beer and barbecues all around!

For those who notice Texas burning, the thermometer melting, the tropical storms rolling in one after another, the economy circling the drain and political leaders (Romney, Perry) blowing smoke up people's asses, there's the hard stuff to make us feel better: Say something about it, write about it, sing about it, spray paint something about it, throw a brick, burn a barricade. Well, forget the barricades... - silver lining - Today could have been a regular day, and then it would have been noticeably unpleasant instead of mildly normal.

Actually, best Labor Day ever. Tropical Storm Lee's end coinciding with a cold front meant the coolest September 5th night in my lifetime. Sweet weather.
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