Linux Bloat

True Story: I spend a lot of time surfing foreign language sites. After studying Japanese for seven months last year I still have a very hard time following written conversations. But I find a lot of pictures you definitely won't see on an American website, like the advertisement below. Now that is a big advertisement. How many women wanted to buy something because of it? The answer might be surprising. Oh, yeah, about the bloat...

Finally reinstalled OS after catastrophic failure due to storm power surge five weeks ago. Checked options very carefully, avoided install of any multimedia programs not needed: those industries can be very vindictive. Watched software update at end, 250mb's of Gnome apps found way onto computer. Rage struck. Don't do anything with Gnome yet have Gnome linked into everything. Note to self: Put system together from scratch, avoid whole scene. Compile packages one by one.

It only takes one line, one questionable dependency, to turn a great system into bloatware, or worse. Can only take full responsibility. Nobody else installed the OS. None of this would be a big deal if this Internet connection didn't have a bandwidth throttle. As it is, this is like leading a three legged camel through the desert with an alcoholic rock band riding on its back, and only one bottle of Seltzer water to make it 500 miles. Cut the camel's throat, drink the rock band, shoot the Seltzer water... makes perfect sense. -*- [takes up chant once more] "Arch by Christmas."
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