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Further notes:
=::+ openSuSE- is nearly perfect, but some knuckleheads at KDE tampered with Configure Desktop. KDE's normally quick, easy and centrally located tweak zone for all things desktop appearance related got busted into two locations and over-simplified. Icons now can't be substituted individually (sometimes they could before, sometimes not, no biggie). There was a rendering conflict bleeding into the visible range in the window decorations, but downplaying all the desktop effects, which came ENABLED out of the box (yuck) fixed the mess. Still, there was no reason for them to change anything, except somebody needed a paycheck. I have to respect their tenacity in holding onto their positions no matter what they had to do during these rough financial times. They made some improvements- They stayed on the team when in the past the developers would have been cut - an improvement over losing them.

=::+ Happy as can be with new OS version, and finally made it sleek and stable. Akregator is loaded and everything is in there without a bottleneck during feed fetches. System is optimized for dynamic educational and political writing at a frenetic pace. It's cherry as can be. :)

=::+ bTW- Mitt Romnrey is not a member of a cult, per se, or at all really. He's a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Mormon Church. It's way too big to be a cult, sort of like OWS. It's a denomination! [I know big words] The nastiest things I write I do so with dry humor in my heart and mind. Folks may think it's all serious. It's all comedy from where I'm sitting.

=::+ Fate/Stay Night - Saber was a woman, and Shirou fell in love with her. But then she won the Holy Grail War and became King Arthur, and he was dreaming of his love with Shirou. Also, Ep. 23 -"Fiend! You got him with your gay bulge!" Srsly? It happened. That was a twist. Personally I prefer Shyamalan's twists over "the gay bulge," but I didn't ask for the twist, I didn't see the twist coming, that's why it's a twist, etc. So, Guinevere goes to throw Caliburn in the lake and Arthur(ia) reclines and thinks fondly of the Holy Grail War, and then fuckin' dies. Sigh. I lost a night of sleep to finish watching that...

In all fairness, the entire lengthy series Arturia's voiceover is a tenor soprano woman and she's Shirou's servant. She calls him master. He occasionally walks in on her in the shower bath, finds her very sexually appealing and falls in love with her. I get the sense that there's an uncut Fate/Stay Night out there, the director's secret stash under the floorboards maybe, that shows her buxom nude body in one of the many scenes where it would be possible. It's not like there's anything even remotely ambisexual about their attraction. As far as abnormality goes there is only the master-servant relationship, which wasn't abnormal or far out there for thousands of years from place to place.

The weird gender bending scene, if I inte5rpreted it correctly and if it was translated properly, seemed to be an afterthought. In fact, it may very well be an error in the subs. Regardless, it's minor as hell. The series wasn't fantastic, but it also didn't feature abnormal sexuality at all.

The following wraps up my thoughts on this series. Look up "Fate/Stay Night gay bulge" on YouTube if you want to check that out. It's a weird thing to say in the middle of a battle.
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