Of all the web browsers available, Konqueror provides the highest level of transmission agency inspection. The experienced user can easily find a great number of commercial parties involved with the open source browsing experience. Konqueror does not provide the highest level of user ease, however.

Opera, the Apple browser, provides super fast page access through the advance storage of the HTML of commonly accessed pages. Chrome, at last inspection, operates in almost the same fashion. The speed of those browsers makes them highly desirable to some people, but not every experience should be taken at face value. When browsing new or rarely visited pages, the speed of Opera's and Chrome's access reduces to exactly the same speed as every other browser.

Firefox blows the doors off of all the other programs because of available user end improvements. If manipulated for security it becomes very slow, as does Konqueror. Konqueror, because of security and branding concerns, does not supply an add-on process that circumnavigates full approval of the KDE staff. Greasemonkey allows a user to add options at will. That can be desirable for functionality, but I would strongly advise against it on computers used for financial transactions. Above that computing underworld, the fully approved Mozilla add-ons can not be beat for point and click tinkering.

I have never tried Epiphany. Gnome has always been too simplistic for my liking. Epiphany is a Mozilla product, however, and as such is very much like their other product Firefox (or Iceweasel, if one uses Debian) but with a different wrapper and user experience.

The largest problem with Internet Explorer remains the massive widespread usage of it. Internet Explorer has never been separated from the Windows operating system despite an anti-trust lawsuit. Because of Microsoft commercial dominance at the governmental level, Internet Explorer suffers constant targeting by malicious packet inspections. On the plus side, software developers for anti-virus programs make a nice living off of it. On the negative side, software developers for anti-virus programs make a nice living off of it.

Aria2 requires no GUI at all. For the person interested in avoiding all the bells and whistles of having QT, GTK, or the MS and Apple point and click interface, Aria2 provides a solution. If one likes that, then one can probably set up a Perl receiver/transmitter. By that time a great many things about computer communications will become very clear, so very, very clear... *-*
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