Water for Blood

The sci-fi collaboration Water for Blood never got finished. The notes for the book were lost after a noteworthy incident in which three entire computers, including the main server, vanished into thin air out of a private residence. After a not-so-subtle nudge from the co-author, D. M. Grouchy II, I have decided to go back to work on the project.

I settled on naming my current serial novel A Mist of Blood Red Goauche. I didn't want to name it too soon. After "Mist" is finished, "Water" goes back on the table. It's only been dormant for 7 years. Jack Full-On, Grief and Lissa have not been forgotten. Previous plans to scrap it have been overruled.

I discussed Water for Blood at great length in emails when the project started. If I still had those emails they would certainly help restore the work to its original stature. The surviving content was only placed online after I discovered the original documents on a computer in another state. I believe I forgot full credits at the time.

Just as soon as I get some extra time I plan to put together the last poetry compilation. It's here, and very finished, but not assembled. It's called Falls' Idylls.

I learned Spanish from my grandfather, John Samuel Day, who was born in Cuba, before I learned English. The conflict in languages led to an impairment in my communication ability. I developed speech impediments at a very young age. Every now and then when I'm not paying attention, if I start to type very fast, I lapse into sing-song bad grammar English. When I find it later I am usually flabbergasted by my absent-mindedness. Anyway, there was a bunch of that here, in a history of how many times I have been the victim of robbery and burglary.


Blood Isn't Worth Enough issues resolved - written in front of witness. I agree I wrote it, and powers beyond my control prevent edits. So much for password security. UPDATE: I found a hard copy of the very first draft. It suuuuuuuux.
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