United States, Circa 2030

There will be no revolution like the Bolshevik Revolution. By the time society and government fails the majority of the people, people by then relegated to the exponentially growing lower class, people who no longer even remember what the middle class was like, our nation will no longer be free. Our military, if it has not been entirely corporatized by that time, will always follow the orders of the high command, who take their orders from the President of the United States, who in turns follows the advice of "public servants" and politicians who are bought and paid for by the corporate plutarchy. When the majority of the American people get hungry enough and desperate enough, they will most certainly turn to radical dissent, taking any measures they can come up with to survive. When that happens everyone alive to witness the downfall of our civil liberties may remember the voices begging for righteousness and justice over profit and greed, but it will be too late. Martial law will take effect and dissenters will be hunted down as threats to the security of the nation.

The people no longer stand a chance against the might of the military industrial complex. All that will be left to the desperate poor of the future will be house to house searches, mass detentions without the benefit of habeas corpus, interrogations at the hands of people who do it for the greater profit of their businesses, and widespread human rights abuses even to the point of summary executions. Justice will be for the wealthy, and suffering will be what is left for everyone else.

These things will happen if we don't take active steps to stop the current trends of political and socioeconomic ideology. Balancing the budget and reducing the deficit would be great. What would be even greater would be to give every American citizen a fair chance at success. And it would be stupendous to shatter the stranglehold the tiny percentage of wealthy Americans has over everyone else, everyone else. I believe change is possible, but it will take a vast unified political uprising across all social strata, all racial strata, all geographic locations and across all political parties.

We, the people, need to stop blaming one party or the other and start blaming both of them. We need to focus on each individual politician, especially their funding and their loyalties, and refuse to accept anyone who panders to the forces that would turn every American citizen into a dollar sign. It's not a tall order. It sounds like something dramatic or fantastic. All it takes is for you to care enough to make sure your voice is heard. Make sure your friends and neighbors know who they are voting for or against, and for the sake of our children and grandchildren refuse to let corporate lobbyists control our country.

Time is of the essence. Become informed and inform those who aren't informed. Show them cold hard facts. I will do my best to provide facts and references that will make it easier for the average citizen to take a much more active role in changing the way our government treats the people. I have done so in the past, but perhaps too often with a lean to the left. The problem at this point has transcended party lines. It's time we stopped allowing our "leadership" to sell us down the river for the almighty dollar.

To stop the death of the American dream is my greatest hope. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who work hard everyday to such an end. I myself have been to lax in rejoining the battle against the corruption that gnaws away at our freedoms like a cancer, but I hope to give it my best shot again as the future races toward us. Failure is not an option, unless you like the idea of your kids and grandchildren struggling their entire lives only to die in misery and poverty. There simply is no other way to put it. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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