Night Life

Downtown Baton Rouge's 3rd Street has exploded into life, rivaling Austin's 6th Street as a prime night spot. Last night thousands of people converged on the dense collection of bars for an epic throwdown. The streets and parking lots were full of cars and people, not to mention the crowds inside the clubs. The change in the area from a decade ago is mind blowing. Downtown Baton Rouge is back, bigger and better than it ever was before.

The current fashion trend of painted on crotch high mini skirts absoluteley dominated the evening. This is the best thing to happen to fashion since the invention of fabric -- less fabric, more sexiness. It was truly a wonderful thing to behold. There may have been some dudes there too, but they certainly didn't make much of an impression.

The weather was perfect for a night out. Balmy light breezes in the mid to lower 60's made walking around pleasurable in the extreme. The businesses definitely made a fortune in alcohol sales last night, but for some of us it seemed like it would be more fun just to watch the people coming, going and standing still. And people said downtown would never catch on again...
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