Snow, 1985

"I want to fly like a beagle, to the weed. Fly like a beagle, let the incense carry me. Price keeps on crashing, crashing, crashing... into the future. Price keeps on crashing, crashing crashing..." Further. Legal mdma. K2 so confusing, it's white and the yellows just keep coming. Lifting me higher. Took the downbound train only to fail and achieve escape velocity. And you will know all about it. It can't be helped. I can't stop talking, and you know exactly everything I mean.

Rolling down the I-10 corridor. Every overpass becomes a runway to a different reality. The only place to get wet is Lake Ponchartrain, and the bridge is closed for an accident. I close my eyes and wonder how I got so far away from home. I run the roadblock and find out there's nothing wrong out there. Somewhere thee sun is coming up. I jack another tab and chase it with niacin-- it's time to burn.

OLHell -- And none of it was done at my end. Have a nice scapegoat, entirety of drug users who read this (may the awareness burn your mind out) . I don't even drink, and so many people have blamed me for their drugs it gets quite difficult to remain calm. People wonder why music becomes hardcore. I don't.

1987 --
"I got a story to tell, now listen up real well
Pay attention this way to what I got to say
Took it to the street, rap to the people we meet
Now we're rocking out hard to the Suicidal beat
Tried to deny our right, so we're putting up a fight
Just doing our thang, they tried to call it a gang
Saw the way we look, that's all that it took
That's all she wrote, they had their scapegoat

Dressed down, homeboyz, minority -- join the Army"
-- Suicidal Tendencies
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