And I Missed It

Spidey catches thief:

Adelaide Now/Tait Schmaal

Spider-man foils a robbery as Jedi knights block the would-be thief's escape and the Flash watches on:

"We had about 40 people dressed up as their favourite superheroes to celebrate International Free Comic Day, so he didn't have much of a choice but to hand the X-Men Omnibus back after a little bit of a scuffle," he said.

Michael Baulderstone
Mr Baulderstone says he can look back and laugh now

"...a group of Jedi knights blocked the door to prevent the thief from escaping, as The Flash looked on.

"I've had a look at the security footage and it shows Spiderman running down the corridor of the shop, grabbing this guy, hauling him off," said the 45-year-old.

"It was a bit serious at the time, but now we're looking back laughing at what greeted police when they arrived."

[Update: After review it has been determined that this post gives credence to the slanderous theory Michael Goldfarb advanced that people like myself play Dungeons and Dragons and live in the basement of their parents' house. That stereotype continues to be fallacious, ridiculous even. Unfortunately, keeping every fun part of life hidden from the world has proven more difficult than originally thought, and posts like this and the next one occasionally leak through.]
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