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té is an excellent post-rock instrumental band from Japan. Their live shows are said to be phenomenal, but their recordings deliver a huge amount of energy. The sound is intense, with recurring wall-of-noise guitar soundscapes and intense drum work. They have some of the longest album and song titles around. It Is A Thought To Try To 'Sing' The Realistic Sound From The Deeply Resonated World and If that is what is being thought, liberated sound talks the depth of 'musical' world are the names of two of their albums. They've been around six years, but like a lot of great musicians from Japan they have not made great commercial strides in the United States. Here is the iTunes on It Is A Thought. If you like it, please try to support the band.

Also, the complete works of Richard D. James thoroughly exemplifies the current trend of modern musicians to hyper-productive and insanely prolific. He has released work as Aphex Twin, AFX, Polygon Window, Power Pill, Caustic Window, Gak, and a few other names. If for some strange reason you like music that pushes the envelope on the capabilities of electronic devices and you haven't heard James, then you really should. His music ranges from breakcore to noise to Gabber to acid beat, and from analog to deep house and straight techno. I recently listened to everything he ever did. I think I may eventually be okay again... one day. Here's the Amazon link on Chosen Lords, the best of the Analords series.

[I think the Analords Mediafire link was set to a blank space. Ah well. At least he can't be sore about the chances of someone stealing his music.]
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