Baked Seizure

Had to annihilate Ambrosiac. Something about how it was legitimate sung poetry made me break out in hives and heave bile from my innards. It was desperately in need of a complete sound baking process. It's called Ambronesiac now. It sort of sticks to the ears like pine tree sap. What. LOL.

Cheerleaders and Dirty South Beats:
The weather in Baton Rouge has been beyond gorgeous. Every day has been like a little piece of paradise. Working on a tan had been extremely uneventful, until Saturday.

One of my companions in the gorgeous weather cranked up a few South Louisiana gangsta cd's yesterday, which coincided with the end of a cheerleading competition at the River Center two blocks away. There were many upset and flustered mothers escorting their cheerleading daughters to vehicles, let me tell you, and shortly thereafter about a 2 million percent increase in the number of police cruisers making my block. Ha. I have never before seen so many people interested in my tanning spot.

Curiously, despite being an outspoken advocate of equal rights for all men and women, of all kinds, I don't know any LGBT people. Support for lesbian and gay rights still makes a lot of people angry. I've taken public scorn for my views in the past, and again recently, and I don't intend to back down.

Considering some hardcore homophobes seem prone to violence, I feel it necessary to say I will defend myself in a big way. Don't try to make me a victim of your fears. I'm not the one.

I just chunked 25 pages of work, again. File 13 has seen a lot of activity lately. I kept the good parts. Sometimes writing makes me feel like a word vigilante. The words hurt me... they must prepare to be SMASHED! I've done well not to smash my keyboard into a million pieces over the years. I just have to keep telling myself, "It's not the keyboard's fault."

I'm dying to write about politics. It's so much easier than fiction. I'll probably start again soon. Late at night I start feeling the need to spew political satire like a cheap whore who swallowed one too many times without something to wash it down. Yep, that's how I feel about political writing. *____*

The sun awaits. I really got a good deal with the Latino skin complexion. I love the sun. Have a great Sunday afternoon!
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