Faith - Updated

Through Faith All Things Are Possible

I believe I will find another good woman.
I believe I will get another job, a good one
I believe when people say that it's gonna be okay
I believe it's fine on rainy days

I'd never turn away a person in need
I'd take a bullet for my friends
I believe that's where courage and other good things
Start, and where they end.

I'd take the place of a condemned man
If I thought his sentence was wrong
I'd stand on the gallows and smile and sing
I'd do it because I can
Even if it wasn't for long

I'm thankful every day
when I wake up and I'm alive
I guess I don't know what else to say
Thank you for stopping by

Notes: Stanzas removed and most of this "notes" because nobody saw it. I checked sitemeter.
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