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[such a geek... but sweetness still tastes sweet]

AS Badassitude:
Bleach movies two Saturdays in a row. Memories of Nobody was the best Bleach since the climax of the first plot. The shortage of my favorite music sequence was totally eclipsed by a fantastic plot and Senna's character. Gina Bowes was great, even if Michelle Ruff has no equal (Her Majesty). [Even so, Ms. Ruff super-hotness and all, the English versions pale in comparison to the Japanese, always, in all things anime. And Fumiko Orikasa owns. She just owns.]

I did not care for Flomp. I also wondered what the hell was going on. Who are those characters anyway?

Now if I could just get MOAR uncensored Hellsing [cease and desist letters have been sent to anime sites regarding fansubs]. Wince -- somebody had to tell me the secret of Alucard's name. LOL -- seriously, I never noticed.
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