For Beatin'

New compilation entitled "Spigot of Evil." [Later note: I changed that to Spigot for Viva almost immediately, since so many people already have mistaken impressions about technology assisted music production.] This release follows in my lifelong tradition of using sinister names for my creative works. The music has nothing to do with evil, except that it's wicked beats. The title finally stopped making my friends laugh.

[Much Later: Okay, this may not happen. The upload has choked the satellite bandwidth on this connection, which apparently had a bandwidth limit. I'll describe it instead. I'll update if I can get it to upload.]

It's all sequencer work. It's easily high enough quality for pressing to 12" for DJ's, but it's all open source anyway. I've been licensing under non-commercial, but that's misleading. If any DJ's want to use anything for sets, and they can make money off of their sets, they are welcome to use anything I have ever created. I'm not granting permission for re-releasing the music commercially as stand alone tracks, but the idea of people making money off of it in sets doesn't bother me at all. If I can ever get it uploaded...

Incidentally, modern communism is a joke, and so was my Twitter avatar. If anybody can make money off of my work, any of it, it would make me happy. Many blessings. Just give me credit and share alike.
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