Terms of Noise Killing

Innocents hear sounds when they die a death of spiritual warfare. The intent of the maker of the rules must be consistent with the rules of the game between men who risk everything for principles. Absolute truth and justice resides with the maker, and anyone who blew the whistle knowing foul intent in the original design judges the design flawed... The execution of such a maneuver must be stopped to a dead standstill until every conceivable avenue of knowledge concerning that individual has been heard for all peoples, or the maneuver can not be executed. That is a soul killing violation-- when innocents are killed without a hearing, their experience in hell must be unblemished or the design of the condemnation reflects the designer.

[Yep. Unblemished experience in hell. You can't ever die when you get there, or you have to start again. This sounds like something familiar, maybe some sort of tangle of pop-culture references. I wonder what the author of the note I picked up and digitalized was thinking. Maybe they were listening to Cream Fields Amnesia and watching an upside down television during the Rachel Maddow show, with Spanish subtitles on.]
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