The Cracks

When the time comes on frozen thoughts
There will be no movement
Up high in the minds of people who plan
There will be no thoughts
The clock will have struck the hour when all times stop
The edges will begin to break apart
and out of the darkness from beyond the land of sunlight and stars
The evil will come.
It has been among us forever
But only in spirit.
Their frightening bodies
Will be seen by no one
They move between moments
They are called legion
And when that happens
One will go down among them
through their cracks into their hideous world
And one will raise his voice to heaven
And the entirety of their home
Will be destroyed
along with everything there
and the dust on the wind of eternity
will have no name
and will finally be at peace

so it has happened
so it will happen again
as always
and never
the end
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