One of Our Guys

I found this on my morning news run. It's a video montage of photographs taken by one of our guys in Iraq.

The creator of the video had this to say:
I am a combat vet. Infantry. Iraq. I spent 16 months of my life over there, along with approximately 150 of the finest Americans I have had the pleasure to know. Prior to my return I created a little still montage of some photos of my experience, put it to music, and uploaded to youtube for the benefit of friends and family. Much like has been done thousands of times.
Seems innocent enough, right? Below are some of the neoconservative responses he got on YouTube . Click on the image if it's too small for you to read. Blogger shrinks images.

Who exactly supports the troops? Some neoconservatives only want our guys to live if they have acceptable ideals. This is completely unacceptable. Whatever has happened in Iraq, whatever has happened here politically, that has nothing to do with our men in uniforms. These comments are below contempt. Karma's a bitch, and I see some negativity here.
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