Chiara Bautista

The artist's name is C. Bautista, but also uses the name Milk. Milk is a great artist whose work is highly reminiscent of S. Kirby's. I found the first thing I've ever seen by Milk on a cap from a desktop, during show and tell.

The image was small, but the screen capture was HR. I kept zooming in until I made out Chiara on the bottom, and the words Hunter/Monster/Love. After that it was only a matter of tweaking the Google search a couple of times, and I found the MySpace page. C. Bautista incredible. Below is something she did:

If I had the money I would buy a painting. The beauty and genius blows me away. Very seldom do I find work with such incredible vision.

The work belongs to the artist and the artist alone. Chiara's MySpace page.
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