One night at The Swirling Nebula, a hopping nightclub in Venus’ Eistla Regio resort, Violet realized she was bored. She was 20 years old. She had done all of the bad things her family had warned about, repeatedly. None of it seemed to excite her anymore. She had come close to bankrupting her rich parents before they realized she had their Plutonium Express Card numbers memorized, to the ninth level of encryption. Even that had barely made her giggle. Right there, in the middle of a dance with some home planet potato head, she knew that nothing simple would satisfy her anymore.

Violet had done the dating thing, and she knew that a relationship would never spin her wheels. The ironic thing about that was that she simply could not live without sex. With this in mind she winked at her dance partner and led him by his goofy looking tie to the elevator.

“Your room,” she told him before he could say something and turn her off completely.

The sex had been short and boring, but it had helped her itch a little. The poor sot fell asleep right after it was over. Violet smiled at this. She had probably been the best lay he had ever had. She knew she had the experience for it. She hoped that would make him feel better when he woke up with absolutely nothing he had before she arrived.

She packed away all of his belongings methodically and professionally. It wouldn’t do to have him waking up with her and his bags still present and accounted for. She closed the hotel room door quietly behind her and made her way to the elevator, and from there to the tube leading to the spaceport. She was always anxious to look at her latest acquisitions, almost like a child waiting to open Christmas presents. She knew better than to do it before she got back to Beautiful Betty, her glorious souped up Planet Speeder.

Her daddy had tried to reason with her about her little space ship. He tried to tell her she didn’t need anything faster than a regular Planet Hopper. She laughed remembering that. Poor daddy was always worrying about her going too fast, but she needed speed.

After she boarded the small, incredibly fast vessel, she went through her usual security routine. She nailed down everything tight and set the auto-defenses before she opened her marks bags. Violet was filled with disappointment until she saw the man’s name: Hardy Worthy Cazshcowington, the 25th. Violet fanned herself to get more air. He was one of the richest people in the solar system.

“Who would have thought a moron like that would be so obscenely rich?” she thought to herself.

She began to search his luggage much more quickly. She was beginning to worry he may not have been as dumb as he looked, like maybe he didn’t carry access to his wealth around with him. She was almost to the bottom of the third bag when she saw the passkey. It was a passkey to a MoonClipper vessel.

Violet immediately began to formulate a plan. She would leave Beautiful Betty parked here at the resort, and take Mr. Cazshcowington’s MoonClipper for a little ride. Betty would be safe; after all, she was a big girl.

Violet ran through the spaceport in a state of extreme excitement. This was the most sensual thing she had felt in a week. At last she found the berth where the MoonClipper was docked. A little moan escaped her lips when she saw the space ship. It was a four ring combat vessel. Approaching orgasm Violet closed the final steps between her and the vessel’s airlock.

Fumbling with the passkey like a giddy girl on her first date she opened the airlock and stepped inside. She knew from experience exactly how to find the bridge. Halfway there she ran into a man with a gun. Suddenly all her sexual tension went sour, and she felt the horrible deflation of a wonderful experience ended too soon.

“You’re not Cazshcowington,” the man with the gun observed, almost with relief.

“No, I’m his… I’m his date,” Violet spat out. She realized it was lame, but she loathed having to get bailed out of jail by Daddy yet again.

“That’s too bad. He’s going to miss you. My name is Jack, and I’ve just commandeered this ship,” he told her.

Violet thought her orgasm was unreachable, but when the man told her those words she came and came and came. Her lower lip trembled. She let all of the air out of her lungs with a huge sigh. Finally, something had happened that swept her off her feet.

“Hi, Jack, I’m Violet. Where are we heading?” she asked him with the best bedroom voice she could muster.

It was the beginning of a beautiful thing.

[Note: Beginnings -- I has them. Actually, I developed this to quite some extent. I'll post and make corrections around midnight (when I break free of the curse).]

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