Payable in Blood

I am very surprised I have not been sued over that book. Looking at it now, for the first time in about 7 years, I am appalled by how short it is. These days I could write something that long in a couple of weeks.

In my defense I wrote the book on state issued loose leaf paper with state issued pencils while I was cooling my heels in a North Louisiana satellite camp. If you think it was easy then put on your television full blast, invite over 50 very rowdy people who don't want to be there but can't leave, and then try to write something flawless. I really should write a better one though. At this point none of the material really touches any nerves. I've been so boring for so long I don't worry about the same things anymore.

Incidentally, I predicted failure for Operation Baylout. I was wrong. The attackers have swelled. There's several thousand people with cannons aimed at the industries. IFPI can't get up at all. It's dead.

I'm scared to check all the rest of the domains under attack. Somebody's going to get in trouble over this. If I went in with a proxy it's like saying I'm involved, and if I go in with my public IP it's like taking all my clothes off in a nest of badgers. I think I'll check it all out from the library. LOL- yes, I am a coward.

[The arguments over the name of OB: Like myself, many people think Baylout makes the PB people sound like louts. Who cares what they call it? Well, it would sell better if it sounded a little more well conceived.]
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