For the past 20 years Kraftwerk has played almost the exact same set every time they played. No matter how long it's been since I've heard an actual recording of Kraftwerk, eventually some of the music comes back to me. Anybody who reads here and is familiar with Kraftwerk knows where some of the more obscure references come from.

Jeane Michelle Jarre also resides high on the list of musicians whose work has haunted me for decades. Zoolook was a masterpiece. Jarre holds the World Record for largest crown at a concert, with over 1 million people in attendance at a show memorializing the Challenger astronauts. Robert McNair was supposed to play the saxophone for Jarre's Rendez-Vous , but McNair was killed in Challenger.

Bush has many troll people burrowing into civil service jobs in the government. It appears the plan is to undermine the foundations of all major governmental building. After enough burrowing the government edifices will be structurally compromised. At that point they will sink down into the earth a few inches, or feet if the burrowers are hard workers. The burrowers will be allowed to eat all roots and worms they come across. the Bush Administration hopes they are never discovered, and definitely doesn't want light to be shown upon them.

That is happening over there in Bizarro, where lies are truth and truth is last week's leftover doughnuts. The truth doughnuts were good at first, but nobody cared enough to save them. They are still salvageable with a microwave and just a little sugar glaze, but if the doughnuts aren't eaten soon they'll become inedible. You would think with lard asses like Karl Rove around there would be no leftover truth doughnuts. The fact is, while Rove is one fat lump of feces, he's allergic to truth biscuits. He prefers dirty, conniving liar hummus, for which he can never get his fill and the trough is never empty.

Free thinkers, fast talkers, people of the DL, artists, musicians and writers, everyone, Everyone, should be careful where they go in Louisiana. There's some bad shit down there. The jails are more dangerous than the prisons because highly trained professional guards run the prisons. The jails are mostly run by nepotists and red neck backwoods good old boys. Everything you were worried might happen in prison happens in Louisiana jails. Lots of it makes it to the newspapers, but the people in charge never face accountability for all the illegal things that go on.

Does everyone remember when Orleans Parish prisoners were left locked in their cells during Katrina? They had no fresh water or food. Many of them almost drowned. According to firsthand accounts from some inmates an undetermined number of people did drown in the jail. The fact they were in jail usually means they had not been convicted yet. That really should be all anybody needs to know about Louisiana criminal justice, but just to make sure there's more. Deaths by tasing have occurred. Numerous questionable suicides happen a lot. Anal rape and sodomy is part of the jail guards playbook, and they aren't afraid of to do things like sodomize inmates. Why would the guards worry about legality? After all, they are the law. Nobody is around to stop them. People have even been beaten to death, and the guards involved walked on the charges.

Louisiana jails = bad. Got it? If there were such a thing as the Christian hell, there are plenty of "law enforcement officers" that should have seats reserved right next to Old Brimstone.

Still wondering if the world will be saved from a global depression? Meee tooo. So is mah kitteh:

Doh! Visual Saturday got lost in the work schedule. Damn, a perfect run of successful weekend image breaks. Next Saturday the record will begin clean, again.
Maybe next year the business won't need my services every single day.

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